Company: Intel

Agencies: Venables Bell & Partners, Red Peak, Hungama Digital Services, Vice, Mires-Ball, JWT Beijing

Market(s): Global (NAMO, EMEA, LAR, PRC, APAC)

Timing: January – December 2014

Intel’s Look Inside campaign highlighted what holds true of both computers and humans: It’s what’s inside that counts.


By 2014, the PC market was declining more rapidly than analysts had predicted, and Intel needed a way to increase the importance of the processor in the consumer’s purchasing decision across all devices. This platform reminded consumers that what is true of devices is also true of people: It’s what’s inside that counts. This conflux of brand and human truths defined ‘Look Inside’, and helped celebrate the power of human potential that Intel has always enabled.


People everywhere are inspired by the promise of human potential. Intel as a brand enables that promise through its innovation and technology. Intel’s team activated and inspired their wide internal and external audience by inventing an entirely new brand framework and visual language for Look Inside: developing a technology platform to house global assets; pioneering tools to drive consistency and localization; and socializing a comprehensive rollout for Look Inside across key markets, audiences and paid, earned and owned channels. Notably, the ad campaign featured 3D printed prosthetic limbs.


Intel worked with global stakeholders. VB&P developed the strategy, platform, ID and campaign assets. Red Peak developed ID and photo library. Hungama produced video content. Vice developed video, PR and design. Mires-Ball managed signage, and finally JWT Beijing developed video, OOH and print.

After the Look Inside platform was approved for global usage, Intel’s team tested the campaign  to ensure it could work with all products, in all cultures, up and down the sales funnel. The team created several tools to enable successful integration, including: brand framework, visual language, tech platform for hosting assets, brand book and guidelines.


The campaign set out to make the Intel brand relevant, drive short term sales and develop long term loyalty, all while enabling global consistency and hyper locationalization. Intel experienced a 42.24% increase in share price in 2014 CY, as well as a 242% increase in purchase consideration. Brand recall increased 84%. The campaign also won 5 Cannes Lions awards.