Company: Lexus

Agencies: Story Worldwide, The First Movement, Team One, Wink Creative

Market(s): USA

Timing: 2014

To broaden and deepen dialogue with their audience, Lexus pushed a strategic mix of original content across multiple channels.


Amid budget reductions, Lexus aimed to maintain — and hopefully Increase — frequency of a deeper dialogue with their target audiences. The campaign sought to reinforce on-going fan and consumer relationship with the Lexus brand.


Lexus’ team pushed a strategic mix of original content across multiple channels. Lexus promoted quality and frequent content across their web, social media, mobile and print channels.


Lexus supervised their relationship marketing with their customers. Story Worldwide managed content and channel strategy, storytelling execution, and the content hub for mobile. Team One coordinated access to key events to allow the storytelling team to create original content, and Wink Creative executed content for global print audiences.

While Lexus established a siloed culture between agencies (storytelling, events, advertising, etc.), to avoid competing interests between agencies and to meet client goals, lead agency Story Worldwide cultivated a blended, ecosystem approach, coordinating all agencies as a team to create and distribute stories across every channel.


The resulting content mix filled gaps across all channels. The Lexus Drivers Site saw an above average time spent on site. The app recorded a 75% return rate for first time visitors. The highlight was the Kye Kye article that gained record-breaking earned media success, specifically picked up by Huffington Post.