Company: Unilever

Agencies: Lola, Madrid, PhD, Golin Harris, Lowe Brindfors, Iris Worldwide

Market(s): 35 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East

Timing: January 3, 2014 – August 31, 2014

Magnum Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure — and launches a new “Marc de Champagne Magnum” — across global markets and platforms.


After 25 years, Magnum ice cream was operating in a market with slowing growth – especially in impulse purchases – and declining margins. Moreover it is losing market share to private labels and struggling to maintain its premium pricing.  However, the Magnum brand had gained enough iconic status to build a campaign around this major anniversary.


The campaign occurred over 3 phases: First, an “Anticipation of the Classics” prelaunch via TV, cinema and outdoor advertising, as well as online game Pleasure Hunt. Secondly, “The Climax”, a PR and social media collaboration with fashion designer Henry Holland and singer Kylie Mingus. Thirdly, “The Post-Party”, or the launch of the new 25th Anniversary Marc de Champagne Magnum.

The campaign produced the first ever Silver Magnum, as well as activation of the #unlockthelook hashtag to engage local markets.


Magnum’s brand team created a collaborative culture for all involved agencies: they briefed the team, set and tracked goals, made sure all relevant reviews were in place, and communicated all deadlines well in advance. Lead Agency Lola developed the strategy and facilitated coordination between agencies, PHD managed media strategy, Golin Harris was responsible for the PR plan, Lowe Brindfors handled digital, and Iris Worldwide developed the shopper and POS materials.

At its core, the campaign contained a big idea that all parties bought into and felt ownership of, leading to a positive and collaborative team atmosphere.


The campaign won 3 billion impressions — three times as many as the previous effort, and Instagram followers grew by 150%. This drove a 19% increase in positive sentiment. The new Silver Anniversary product facilitated a turnaround in sales, with little cannibalization.