Company: Mastercard

Agencies: Digital Arts Network Singapore, Carat, McCann, Octagon

Market(s): Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia

Timing: November – December 2014

MasterCard’s Priceless Engine provides MasterCard and its partners with deep insights that help them deliver the right offers and content to the right customers at the right time.


The objective of this project was to create an innovative business model that uses MasterCard’s assets and offers to provide relevant content to people where they already spend their time – on social and digital channels. The key challenge was how to target the right people, at the right time with the right content, offers and experiences to drive transactions across social and digital channels in Asia-Pacific.


The idea: a business model that drives transactions using social and digital media. Thus, the Priceless Engine — a combination of people, processes and carefully selected technology tools. These three things are integrated to analyze data, trends and insights on a daily basis and then optimize content, offers, and experiences, which are then targeted to people across social and digital channels to drive transactions.


Mastercard worked with agency partners daily to optimize the Priceless Engine campaign. As lead agency, Digital Arts Network managed strategy, creative, technology and tools, data, insights, optimization and execution. Carat managed media innovation, planning, buying and targeting. McCann led storytelling for Priceless Surprises, as well as creative and production of films, and Octagon managed sponsorship assets and execution of Priceless Surprise.

Mastercard and the agency teams met every day to discuss trends across markets, assess performance, solve problems, and make actionable optimization decisions to drive transactions. All KPIs were designed to drive tangible business results.


The NYE Priceless Engine campaign’s key KPIs were to increase engagement rate by 100% and click-to-merchant rate on offers by 30% over the industry benchmark.

In the end, MasterCard’s team reached over 50 million people. Over 12 million people engaged with the content and 3.8 million people watched campaign videos.

Engagement rates increased by over 500%. Click-to-merchant rate was 100% higher than industry benchmarks. MasterCard drove over 2 million qualified leads to merchant partners. Key merchants reported a 200% sales uplift during the campaign.