Company: MTV

Agencies: Vizeum, Isobar, Ambient OOH, PSLive, Posterscope, ZipDial   

Market(s): India

Timing: January 1 – June 30, 2014

MTV’s Rock the Vote not only looked to engage the youth audience in a meaningful way, but also to convince them that “voting is cool”.


MTV is India’s leading youth brand, both within and outside of the TV category. Keeping cool with youth is a tough gig, and MTV needed to remain credible in the face of tough competition from the likes of Channel V and Bindass. The 2014 Indian general election gave us the opportunity to position MTV as the most relevant and influential voice of youth for the whole country. The challenge was to give MTV national youth kudos, reach the larger youth population and of course, get the youth to vote.


To awaken political consciousness in first time voters and encourage them to cast their vote, MTV created a social phenomenon. The idea #MTVRocktheVote was conceptualized with the aim to make youth aware of their power and their right to have their voice heard and counted. MTV’s team built a robust strategy that would reach out to educate and politically awaken all youth, make politics more accessible and provide a platform for them to voice their views.

For the first-time ever in India, #TwitterTownhall reached the digitally-enabled youth. Additionally, a unique mobile feature called “Dial-A-Hashtag” reached the digitally disenfranchised.


Vizeum India worked with MTV’s marketing team and other technology partners to bring all the elements of the campaign alive, real time.  Every day of the campaign required the task force to be on the same page.  Technology couldn’t fail, celebrities and politicians needed managing.  Above all, fans needed to stay constantly connected and hear and see all the buzz #MTVRockthevote  and believe “voting is cool”.


TOI, BBC, CNBC and FE recognized MTV India’s Rock the Vote as the Best Youth Campaign. In all, the campaign won 16 awards. MTV sought to imprint the election impression on the minds of over 100 million young people. India set a new record for voter turnout, especially among youth, with an 8.2% growth over the last election. MTV viewership also grew by 50% from January to July 2014.