Company: Nissan

Agencies: Nissan United (TBWA, OMD, Annalect, Interbrand, Emanate)

Market(s): Global

Timing: July 2014 – present

Nissan’s NURVE campaign went above and beyond traditional social campaigns by transforming data triggers into real-time, insight-driven action.


Nissan set out to add brand value by unlocking potential “always-on” social data. Beyond a standard “social media team”, Nissan wanted to become a “social business unit”. Data became insights into human behavior that in turn inspired ways to forge deeper emotional connections between the consumer and the brand.


Nissan’s team conceptualized NURVE by tracking relevant data triggers and turning those into real-time (versus reactionary) consumer-insight-driven actions. Most data and initial activation occurred via digital and social platforms; however, Nissan’s many stakeholders also benefited from the campaign’s far-reaching effects. The campaign even reached so far as to win the title of best engagement as an “Alpha Partner” for Twitter’s TPN network (mobile application publishing of Twitter content).


NURVE focused on traditional marketing, identifying cross-business triggers, mining partnerships and finding consumer behavior triggers.

Discovering what people care about would allow the team to build relevance. Successful activations occur between what consumers care about and what Nissan wants to say.

The team consisted of 4 parts — the content newsroom was responsible for brand storytelling, the coordination team managed workflows and global NURVE teams, the technology and tools team included a creative technologist and data analyst, and a strategy lead worked closely with data to identify where data insights could offer solutions.


The Nissan NURVE’s top two social campaigns earned over 500 million impressions and $400,000 worth of coverage. Platforms achieved 6 times the amount of engagement versus the category. Nissan saw a 98% positive sentiment, even without spending any production dollars. Within only 231 days, the Twitter account gained 4.6 times more followers, Instagram gained 3 times and LinkedIn 1.8.