Company: Pepsi

Agencies: 180LA

Market(s): Global

Timing: April 2014 – July 2014

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Pepsi prepared the “Live For Now” campaign to rival the campaigns of official sponsors like Coca Cola.


For Pepsi, the World Cup presented both a challenge and an opportunity. Because Pepsi was not an official sponsor of the event, images could not contain the World Cup pitch or make specific reference to the game. Still, to surpass official sponsor Coca Cola and reach a global audience, Pepsi strove to capitalize on the spirit of such a significant cultural and historical moment with their creation of the “Live For Now” campaign.


Instead of making specific references to the World Cup game, Pepsi  set out to channel Brazil’s vibrant convergence of “futbol”, music and art. With this epicenter as inspiration, “Live For Now” achieved more than a static television commercial — it cultivated a lifestyle. Such an integrative campaign had to captivate the minds of consumers worldwide — above and beyond the reach of huge competitors and official sponsors like Coca Cola.


Led by 180LA, he “Live For Now” and “Now Is What You Make It” campaigns sought to reach a global audience through the integration of interactive film, paintings, photography, fashion lines, television and documentary. At the same time, the agency  also created location-specific content  to allow viewers to connect with their home country players and interact with Pepsi. For example, the campaign’s print artwork was used as the world’s largest out-of-home placement: the 400 meter display ran along a popular Dubai highway.


The “Live For Now Campaign” offset Coke’s $200 million of brand equity via its FIFA sponsorship. Pepsi earned 1.5 billion media impressions valued at $234 million during the campaign. To sweeten the deal, Pepsi’s foray into global fashion sold out of inventory twice during the campaign.