Company: Samsung

Agencies:  Cheil Worldwide, The Barbarian Group

Market(s): US, UK, EU, UAE

Timing: Developed June 2013 – June 2014; Launched June 2014, currently piloting in US, UK, FR and Dubai

Samsung  created a truly innovative home appliance shopping experience: CenterStage.


Although home appliance products (HA) make up 10% of store space, profits from sales are less than 10%. Moreover, the shopping experience for HA is limited: in store, HA are powered off. Product information is complicated and unhelpful (who actually reads the manual? It turns out: only about 27% of consumers). Due to limited space, bigger HA may not even be available in store. Facing these challenges, Samsung needed to find a solution.


CenterStage is an immersive, interactive retail experience that showcases Samsung appliances in true-to-life size and quality (12 times of HD). It solves the issue of limited store space and offers a truer-to-life experience for shoppers.

Composed of an 85” 4K UHD display and LFD (large format display), it allows consumers to experience various features, functions, and specifications of Samsung Home Appliances.

CenterStage also makes use of “Cinder”, an open-source C++ library for creative coding that won the Cannes Lions award for key technology. It creates a 1:1 real size experience with 4K UHD quality.


Success depended on efficient team collaboration and high levels of specialization.

Cheil Worldwide partnered with Samsung. The Barbarian Group, a subsidiary of Cheil, lead creative work — the user experience, content and software development

Cheil and Barbarian convened daily. 3 Cheil staff members physically joined Barbarian to help with development and daily reporting to the client. Producers managed creative directors, designers, cinematographers, etc. to work together closely.

Samsung Retail Innovation T/F led from the business side (negotiation with the retailers, business modeling, etc.). While working with Barbarian, Cheil guided the overall project. Samsung’s Product Innovation Team oversaw tech development.


Consumer tests showed that brand perception for Samsung and their retailers has improved. Consumers see the brand as being premium, high-tech and innovative.

73% of the customers agreed that CenterStage helped them in making their purchase decisions and Samsung’s sales have increased significantly, particularly for washing machines and refrigerators. CenterStage also helped minimize the sunken business cost for product SKUs, by displaying over 70 products in just 4.5 m² of space.

Samsung is planning to launch CenterStage in hundreds of stores worldwide throughout 2015.