Company: Colgate Palmolive

Agencies: MEC, Y&R, Agenda, Red Fuse

Market(s): Philippines, Malaysia

Timing: March – December 2014

Colgate set out to educate their target consumers on oral care and anti-cavity best practices with their “Sugar Acid Neutralizer” campaign.


Oral health awareness remains limited among mothers in Asia, where many still believe that cavities are only caused by sugary foods. The objective was to educate mothers about the threat of cavities caused by sugar acids present in everyday foods and launch the new Colgate Superior Anti-Cavity Toothpaste formulated with sugar acid neutralizing technology. The campaign sought to reinforce Colgate as the leader in oral care innovation and improve the brand’s market position in the anti-cavity segment.


Colgate had always been a heavy TV advertiser but required new content. The campaign saw the advent of Colgate’s first ever un-branded TV content, purely to educate moms about the risks of cavities caused by sugary foods. Branded cartoons educated children and even managed to make the national news in two different countries. This push was complemented by print and digital PR.

In Philippines, this un-branded TV spot worked well since the TV Patrol does not associate with brands — it is well known for its credibility. Media Prima in Malaysia played the integrated video free of charge.


Colgate brought on MEC to negotiate with local media vendors, Y&R to co-create ideas, Agenda to represent the brand message digitally, and Red Fuse to manage the integration between local markets.

All local teams participated in ideation and setting KPIs. Red Fuse not only convened regular phone calls with representatives from each agency, but furthermore they put together a regional “playbook” (strategy and planning guidelines) that partner agencies used as they added local flavor to the idea. To facilitate campaign evaluation, Red Fuse makes use of a “scorecard” for integrated campaigns, which covers media, business, behavioral and attitudinal metrics.


In Malaysia, the KPI was to achieve a business objective of 3% for Sugar Acid Neutralizer in the full year 2014. With the launch of the campaign implemented by MEC, Y&R and Agenda, the new brand broke all records by achieving a 4.6% share within 6 months.