Company: Dos Equis, Heineken

Agencies: Havas Worldwide, Mirrorball, Edelman, Mediavest

Market(s): US

Timing: October – November 2014

Dos Equis scales up its Halloween Masquerade experience, bringing it to customers through the use of both an interactive video and an Oculus Rift.


As a brand that embraces living a life less ordinary, Dos Equis inspires individuals to celebrate Halloween with a twist. Outside of the individuals who attended proprietary Masquerade brand events, most consumers did not understand the full essence and meaning of Masquerade, so Dos Equis sought to scale experiential through innovative digital technology: no matter where you were, everyone could experience the Most Interesting Man in the World’s Masquerade.


When you wear a mask, your identity is erased and a mystery established. This was the idea behind both the Dos Equis Masquerade Oculus Rift (where you’re physically wearing a mask) and the Interactive Masquerade video (where you’re virtually wearing a mask). The former was a live action virtual reality experience that transported consumers to the Most Interesting Man in the World’s Masquerade. The Oculus traveled to bars throughout the Southwest US to give patrons a one-of-a-kind Dos Equis experience. The Interactive Masquerade video enabled consumers to “choose their own adventure” and select the content they wanted to view.


Dos Equis sought to create a “brave new digital idea” to support the larger integrated Masquerade campaign.

Mediavest developed the media strategy for supporting the interactive video, and Mirrorball and Edelman brought the Oculus Rift headset to events and PR contacts. All agency partners were trained on how to use, effectively demo and troubleshoot the Oculus Rift video. Working with a brand new technology inevitably turns up trials and tribulations, but all team members fully embraced the highs and lows that come with working with new technology to bring a truly unique piece of content to consumers.


The Interactive Video set out to achieve 5 million views — it achieved 28 million. The Oculus Rift 360 Video set Dos Equis apart from the rest as a digital leader within the alcoholic beverage industry.