Company: Expedia

Agencies: Ogilvy & Mather, PHD, RedWorks

Market(s): UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Italy

Timing: June 23, 2014 – present

Expedia’s Travel Yourself Interesting stood out from the crowd by exploring the idea of travel as a transformative life experience.


Expedia created online travel. But rising competition and the boom of price-comparison sites was stripping out value, profitability and loyalty as people started to simply Google “cheap holidays”. The challenge was to buck the trend and stand out in the increasingly commoditized travel market. Expedia needed to build a differentiated brand platform to help attract a new, higher value audience — one that takes more trips and spends more — and increase loyalty within the existing user group.


The idea targeted those who travel as an investment in personal growth. This audience sees travel as an essential part of life, and therefore spends more on traveling. The 2014 phase of the campaign evolved to showcase Expedia’s mobile app and website in 3 new films. The ads focused on the transformative effect of travel, rather than the generic holiday scenes. These TV ads were supported by DRTV, press, radio, digital and social.

Expedia targeted Youtube and Facebook by paying close attention to channel, time and context, which made it possible to spend only half the category average CPV.


The lead agency Ogilvy & Mather led strategic, creative and content development, RedWorks localized all creative assets for all European markets, and PHD led media planning and buying.

Ogilvy collaborated daily with Expedia’s CMO to develop and deliver the brand platform. A mutual respect and trust in the agency allowed for new and different approaches to the work even at the execution stage.

Production resources were costed separately so that specialist skill sets could be brought on as required. Production companies, directors and other production partners were consistent to maintain the integrity of the campaign’s humour and visual identity.


In 2013 the campaign achieved a ROMI of 1:11 in the UK and 1:6 in France. The Gross Bookings Value grew by 8% in the UK and 33% in France. In 2014, brand health and consideration rose even higher. This coupled with a record 2015 January sales indicates another successful year for Travel Yourself Interesting.