Company: Visa

Agencies:  BBDO New York (lead creative), Atmosphere Proximity (digital creative), MRY (social), OMD (media), GMR (engagement marketing), Social Code (social analytics)

Market(s): USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea, China, Ukraine, Bosnia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Georgia, Argentina

Timing: January 8, 2014 – February 28, 2014

The Sochi Olympics gave Visa a jumping off point for its international “#everywhere” platform — even as it connected personally and locally with fans from all over the world.


The campaign for the Sochi Olympics heralded the establishment of Visa’s new brand platform. Consumers already know Visa as “everywhere you want to be,” and now Visa is “#everywhere.”  Visa strove to break on to the world’s most crowded stage — the Olympics — and ensure relevance and resonance (increased brand equity, engagement and buzz) across all markets.


Motivational stories from athletes inspired Olympic fans all over the world. By connecting with the athletes, fans felt inspired to achieve their own potential. Through television, digital, out-of-home advertising, social media, mobile internet and sponsorship, Visa delivered high impact, globally funded media moments. Paid media pushed owned and earned content, and the team monitored and scaled high-performing content across their many targeted markets to respond quickly to relevant trending topics.

Highlights of the campaign include 360 degree footage of athletes in training and real-time social media posts (during competition).


With only a relatively small budget, BBDO and OMD teams had to find ways to create buzz and compete with other top sponsors. Of course collaboration took place across agencies, but furthermore collaboration also had to occur across all local markets as well. Collaboration with local marketing teams ensured that the campaign was grounded in an understanding of the local consumer. Intimate understanding of consumer behavior in each market allowed for delivery of hyper-targeted and relatable, real-time content in each region. Constant communication between teams ensured that local efforts in total presented a cohesive, united story across all markets.


Brand equity increased in the US, Canada and Russia (where it was measured) . Engagement achieved 565 million impressions, with a total 16.5 million social interactions globally. Visa met or exceeded its usage goals in its 3 target markets: the US, Canada and Russia. Most impressively, Visa was ranked #1 most globally buzzed about brand during the games, as compared to other Olympic (TOP) sponsors, despite having one of the most modest budgets of all sponsors.