Company: IDLC Finance Limited

Agencies: MEC, Asiatic Talking Point

Market(s): Bangladesh

Timing: August 25, 2014 – September 30, 2014

IDLC’s integrated campaign cemented the company as home loan brand by positioning financial happiness as a path to freedom.


IDLC wanted to become the largest multi-product non-bank financial institution in Bangladesh, where its total portfolio is 45,000 ml — 35% of which comes from home loans. The challenge was that consumers still perceived IDLC as a lease financing company. It was very challenging to break this perception and position IDLC home loan as the primary brand. IDLC sought to do so by differentiating from other competitors who focused the discussion on money.


In a market where 95% of people rent their homes, IDLC inspired people to enjoy the freedom of owning their own homes by positioning freedom with financial happiness, bridging the gap between aspiration and capability.

The campaign integrated TV, Facebook, YouTube and PPC advertising, billboards, Star cineplex and traditional press. The TV ad was the first in its category within the last 5 years, and the online and cineplex presences of the campaign were the first in Bangladesh.


IDLC maintained constant review of the creative and media plan throughout. Asiatic Talking Point developed creative strategy, the TV ad script, supervised its production, developed online banners, billboard creative, etc. MEC prepared media analysis to create strategy, especially for the TV ad, but also for online, billboards, and cineplex. MEC also implemented the plan, monitored the market, and used feedback to customize implementation and keep the client informed.

During the campaign, cross reviews between agencies and immediate response reporting from the market, client and consumer all helped to fine-tune the plan.


The campaign set out for 50% growth for IDLC by 2017. It actually achieved the attention of over 1.3 million in the target audience. Over 850,000 watched the ad. Over 65% saw the ad on television. Traffic to the website also increased by a factor of 3. The Star cineplex ad reached 225,000 people. Billboards reached 47.5% of the target audience. IDLC’s September 2014 disbursement reached 666 million BDT: the highest of the year, and IDLC achieved overall growth of 34% by 2015.