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Company – Chivas

Agencies – Geometry Global, Ogilvy PR, Social@Ogilvy, Mindshare, RedWorks

Market(s) – Hong Kong

Timing – October – January

Chivas taps grassroots cinematic talent to create a campaign that showcases the unique allure of Hong Kong — as well as the Chivas brand.


The whisky category in Hong Kong was changing. Sales of blended, mass-market brands were slowing at the expense of more expensive, character-led single malt brands. In this environment of increasing consumer sophistication, Chivas, led by Chivas12, faced declining brand relevance and flattening sales. The campaign had to deliver against three objectives: brand reappraisal, image improvement, and sales growth. And this had to be achieved in the face of a shrinking marketing budget.


Chivas sought to engage consumer’s aspirations, both for themselves and for their city. Film seemed the natural choice given its rich history in expressing Hong Kong’s creativity.

Chivas and their team called the idea “Crowd Crew”.  The movement hoped to inspire film-makers at a grass roots level — thereby giving Chivas a platform to activate. The subsequently recruited film-makers and crew were crowd-sourced entirely from the Hong Kong audience.

Through the medium of film, Chivas could bring their values of style, substance, and charisma to life. Media touch points included branded content, social media, OOH, pop-up cinema, and PR events.


As lead agency, Geometry acted as Chivas’ contact for operations and finance.

A cross-agency team convened in the Geometry office to resolve issues as the idea evolved into a fully integrated campaign.

Social@Ogilvy and Ogilvy PR developed and planted stories. Ogilvy PR advised filmmaker recruitment based on credibility, media and PR value. The campaign received coverage from the likes of Cosmopolitan and HYPETRAK — a huge boon given the 80% media budget reduction from the previous year.

Mindshare identified online and offline channels to showcase branded content.

Redworks team produced video and photography content.


This partnership resulted in one of the most successful campaigns for Chivas ever, surpassing all business, marketing and campaign objectives. The partnership continues for the next phase.

Chivas saw significant increases in image improvement, brand reappraisal (21% YOY) and sales volume (up 37%, +20% YOY).

Chivas’ Facebook community experienced 50% growth, reaching 60,000 unique consumers per day with 1.2 million minutes of video. They averaged 50 “likes” per post.

The campaign also received industry awards: the WPP Integration award, Marketing Magazine’s Excellence Award, PMAA: Best of the Best in Hong Kong and PMAA: Gold for Social Media.