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Company – CVS Health

Agencies – BBDO, The Marketing Arm

Market(s) – US

Timing – September – December

CVS Health’s massive Cigarettes Out, Health In campaign not only positioned the company as a health-focused, innovative brand, but also inspired millions with #OneGoodReason to live tobacco free.


To demonstrate its purpose of helping people on their path to better health, CVS Health announced a bold decision: the removal tobacco in all of its stores nationwide — even though it would cost $2 billion annually. They wanted to showcase this bold move and turn it into big news, hoping to change America’s perception of the company from a corner drugstore to a pharmacy innovation company with health at its core.


On September 3rd, the day cigarettes were officially removed from the shelves, CVS Health’s teams orchestrated an event in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Overnight, the teams set up a 50-foot-tall mechanical cigarette that gradually snuffed itself out. Street teams engaged the crowd with giveaways and encouraged them to share their #OneGoodReason to live tobacco-free. This event launched an integrated campaign that introduced America to CVS Health.

In doing so, CVS Health became the first major pharmacy network to remove tobacco from their stores, putting pressure on the competition.


Throughout the process, CVS Health maintained creative approval rights. As lead agency, BBDO developed strategy and the idea, produced the documentary series and TV campaign, and designed the event. The Marketing Arm managed event logistics, taking the idea and making it happen. Agency representatives communicated on a daily basis. The Marketing Arm traveled to New York on various occasions. The team planned the massive event in 3 months, made possible by a unified dedication to its success and a willingness to pitch in for whatever was needed, no matter how small the task.


The integrated campaign achieved 2.1 billion total impressions. In the first few hours of the event, 50,000 tweets used the #OneGoodReason hashtag — including tweets by Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg. The campaign received over 100 original articles of coverage from top tier outlets, and 117,835 total mentions across traditional and social news platforms. Overall, the campaign received 96% positive public sentiment.