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Company – Domino’s Pizza

Agencies – CP+B, Nuance Communications

Market(s) – US

Timing – October – February

Domino’s set out to create “Dom”: the first-ever automated voice ordering capability for pizza.


More and more, companies are creating automated technologies to interact with their customers. Automation facilitates efficiency for the company — but not necessarily for the customer. \ With this challenge in mind, Domino’s set out to create something better for their mobile app: something that was at once efficient, fun and memorable. Domino’s hoped to build upon their Pizza Tracker and Pizza Builder technologies to continue reimagining how you can order a pizza.


Dom is the first-ever automated voice ordering capability for pizza. Domino’s built this voice controlled pizza ordering assistant, “Dom”, for their iPhone and Android apps.  The company partnered with the team to give Dom a form — a happy microphone with a Domino’s cap — and a personality, inspired by hard-working, eager to please Domino’s employees. Dom was given thousands of unique things to say, and then he was given a national TV spot, social, digital media channels, targeted emails, in-store materials and direct mail to make his debut to the world.


Domino’s initially approached CP+B with the opportunity to create the voice ordering system. Although eager to implement the technology, Domino’s emphasized the importance of creating a function that added value and fun for the customer. Nuance Communications powered Dom with their Nina Mobile, an intelligent virtual voice assistant.

CP+B collaborated with Nuance and Dominos to create and name “Dom”, design and animate his form and write his hundreds of phrases for the ordering process and “just for fun” interactions.

CP+B also identified positioning areas that informed the creative brief, collaborating to conceptualize, execute and launch the creative work around the voice ordering campaign.


Domino’s set out to increase downloads of their mobile ordering app. The result was a 100% increase in app downloads. Within 6 months of Dom’s inception, he took more than 500,000 voice orders.